Monday, 23 April 2007


Please contact Dan at or ring him on 07890 945156

Please put "I have an ad for shots" in the subject bar, write me a note about what you would like in your ad and please confirm you have read the small print.
After I have replied, worked on the art work and sen
t a few proofs back and forth.
You sign off the design, send us a cheque, paypal payment or hard cash to the value of £25 GBP. Please make cheques payable to South West Writing.

The small print.

Please understand none of the authors, editors or graphic designers get paid for the work they submit or contribute to SHOTS-the magazine. We endeavour to do the best we can in designing an ad and presenting you & your company/business in the best light for you and the current edition of SHOTS.
To keep the cost of printing down we can only offer adverts printed in black and white, we can offer you full bleed or a 3mm border. If you have a print ready pdf please send it to the above email address. If you don't have a pdf, or an A5 portrait (148mm by 210mm) size ad we can custom make one for you to compliment that particular edition of SHOTS. Once we have done the art work we will send you a proof for you to check, PLEASE CHECK THIS CAREFULLY once you have signed the art work off we cannot be held responsible for errors.
We will also place a link to your website from our blogspot, this is included in the advert price. If you would like we can also burn a CD of the finished advert for future use, £1.95in jpeg format or £2.75pdf format.

Our readership is currently approx 250 people aged 25-65, reaching them three times a year (with the option of a Christmas special)
Our blogspot statistics breakdown: over 65% of daily traffic is returning visitors
over 35% of daily traffic is first-time visitors

Our submission and release dates:

23rd of February On or just after 20th of March

23rd of June On or just after 20th of July

23rd of October On or just after the 20th of November

We also run both regular and edition specific competitions. You may sponsor any of the competitions that SHOTS runs. We welcome any competition suggestions you may have involving your products or services.

We reserve the right to change the submission and release dates without prior consultation, but will always endeavour to keep you informed as much as possible.
Above all, if you are unsure of anything....just ask!


Creative Director